Mobile Pipe Coating Solutions

CTM is the leading brand within the global pipe coating sector when it comes to high output mobile pipe coating solutions.

All of our proven PU processing systems employed on our factory based high output casting machines are available within our mobile pipe coating solutions portfolio.

If you would like to learn more on how your mobile PU production platform is operating in real time across the world or perhaps you would like the option to change mixing output during PU coating, simply contact CTM.

Mobile Equipment Solutions
  • 100% CTM designed, assembled & tested in the U.K.
  • The following components are housed within one standard 40 FT shipping container and secured for sea freighting
  • Polyol & Isocyanate 500 litre pressure and full vacuum rated tanks
  • Material transfer pumps
  • Air compressor & air preparation unit
  • Self contained thermal conditioning system
  • Vacuum degassing system
  • Metering unit comprising pumps and mass flow meters
  • Full process measurement & control system
  • Real time full process image transfer to client system – any location
  • Full CTM remote support system – any location
  • Air conditioning system
  • Local low voltage power distribution
  • Docking station for mixing head installed c/w up to 20 metres of flexible heated hoses for remote operation