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Varithane is a CTM brand.

Varithane by CTM represents UK design and build state of the art polyurethane mixing and dispensing equipment for flexible PU foam, PUR rigid foam, PIR fire retardant foam, phenolic foam, DCPD vehicle panels, urethane cold cure foam, CMHR PU foams, PU elastomers, and epoxy resin metering machines.


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PU process enhancement service – learn more >>

Our consultancy services bring together our expertise in PU process knowledge and our extensive real-world experience.

CTM can help you solve difficult and complex process issues, improve your current process efficiency, and help your team understand your PU processing equipment better. (Learn more>>).

CTM PU elastomer & epoxy high performance machinery for pipe coating & offshore windfarm cable protection applications – Learn more >>>

CTM design and assemble high performance PU elastomer casting machinery for the offshore industries for the manufacture of the following offshore components.

Cable & flowline protection systems, Bend stiffeners, Bend restrictors, & Drill Riser Buoyancy Modules.

Our offshore machinery range includes High Performance Syntactic Foams (G.S.P.U.) for the manufacture of thermal protection of Wellheads, Xmas trees, manifolds, jumpers & spool pieces, flow line ends & riser ends, Terminations and flange connections. (Learn more>>).

On site PU customer service

CTM supply a wide range of on-site service for all PU and PUR equipment brands, So whether it is metering, dosing, P.U injection issue or simply a mixing problem, CTM is on hand to help.

Graco Solutions for Silicone Sealants and Epoxy Adhesives –

CTM supply Silicone 1K 2K dispensers including epoxy metering machines. CTM also supply potting & adhesives machines. We also specialise in Gasketing machines and foam in place.

Our metering systems include glass encapsulation machinery, resin bonding machinery, resin infusion machines, potting machines and composite panel machines.

Graco Solutions for fluid transfer for Polyurethane Metering –

CTM supply Graco Husky diaphragm & Graco Fast-Flo 226-941 material transfer pumps for the polyurethane machinery.

PU machine repairs – learn more >>

Polyurethane machine repairs, CTM supply a wide range of PU and PUR machine repairs and refurbishment for most equipment brands. (Learn more>>).

PU machine replacement parts – learn more >>

CTM stock spare parts for most major makes of polyurethane machinery. CTM stock high pressure mixing heads, low pressure mixing heads, A2vk Bosch Rexroth pumps, Kracht pumps, Beinlich pumps, Viking pumps, PU machine magnetic pump couplings and PU machine magnetic drives, PU machine VSE flow meters, Hydac pressure gauges, Fantinelli PU machine pressure gauges and much more. (Learn more>>).

Graco Solutions for Release Agents for Polyurethane Moulding

CTM supply Graco Air assisted and Air spray equipment including electrostatic spray applications for Polyurethane moulding manufacturers.

PUR system capabilities

The CTM PU, PUR, PIR and DCPD metering and dispensing machine range covers the following polyurethane foam and cast elastomer mixing and metering technologies.

Our PU, PUR and urethane metering technologies are suitable for processing elastomers both unfilled and filled, integral skin foam, high resilience flexible foams, memory foam, syntactic elastomers, syntactic foam, glass syntactic polyurethanes (GSPU), integral skin foams, semi rigid foams, rigid foams, rim systems, spray polyurethane foams and structural polyurethane foams.

CTM offer a wide range of polyurethane foam metering systems, resin injection machines, metering units for PU, PUR, polyurethane foam and urethane foam products.

In addition to our broad range of pu machines, CTM can assist you in locating the following key suppliers.

Polyurethane foam moulders, moulded foam suppliers, polyurethane trade moulders, PU parts manufacturers, raw materials suppliers for polyol and isocyanate, release agent suppliers, pu tooling suppliers and most types of polyurethane moulding services including cold cure foam suppliers and melamine filled pu processing companies.

PU metering pump repair & refurbishment – learn more >>

Polyurethane metering pump repairs and spares. CTM supply a full range of sales and spares support and repair services for isocyanate pumps, Polyol pumps such as Hydromatic, Bosch Rexroth pumps, Rotary Power, RHL, Beinlich, Viking pumps and Kracht positive displacement pumps. CTM is also a stockist of the following pump brands, Bosch Hydromatic, Bosch Rexroth pumps, Rotary Power, RHL, Beinlich, Anar, Viking pumps, and Kracht pumps.(Learn more>>).

Rim PU mixing head repair & refurbishment

CTM provides ‘in house’ P.U. mixing head repairs for most popular brands of mixing heads.

Contact CTM for the latest information on our range of products and services: Telephone from the UK:  01226 245533
Or International: 0044 1226 245533