New Polyurethane Pumps and Pump Repair Services

CTM supply a comprehensive range of metering pumps and pump repairs for all P.U. machines

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New pumps ex stock

CTM stock P.U. machine pumps.

Rexroth Hydromatic pumps have been the P.U. industry standard pump for many years.

Machine manufacturers including Cannon, OMS, Krauss Maffei, and Hennecke have all used Rexroth pumps for many years.

CTM repair P.U. machine pumps

CTM offer a comprehensive range of repair service for all major brands of pumps including RHL, Beinlich, Kracht, and Sam Hydraulik.

We hold a full range of spares in stock

The pumping group is the heart of every pump

Not all repaired pumps are the same

A key point with a CTM repaired pump is that we always change the internal pumping group.

Our repairs deliver the efficiency and reliability of that found with new pumps.

Our repairs are simply more cost effective over the longer term.

Pump testing

All pumps repaired are fully tested for all aspects of performance. The testing rig is run by a computer which puts the repaired pump through a series of tests using different speeds and pressures so as to achieve a true evaluation of the quality of repair achieved.

Advanced pump repair testing rig

Magnetic couplings

In addition to our comprehensive range of new pumps and pump repairs, we also supply magnetic conversion kits for most pumps. Magnetic couplings completely remove the need for routine maintenance of the shaft seals.