Impact–Low pressure polyurethane metering machines

Equipment Overview

The Impact:

Robust and reliable low-pressure metering machines for a broad spectrum of applications in polyurethane processing.

The perfect entry-level metering machine.

The IMPACT series demonstrates HENNECKE’s extensive expertise in the production of polyurethane foaming machines. When developing these machines, we focused our knowledge to meet your diverse needs in the low-pressure processing of polyurethane raw materials.

During development of the IMPACT machines, particular emphasis was put on simplifying and effectively reducing maintenance times.

In addition, the ultra-compact low-pressure metering machines provide an intuitive and user-friendly configuration. This is also evident when it comes to selecting a suitable stirrer mix head: The entire IMPACT series relies on the robust and reliable ULTIMIX low-pressure mix heads. As well as ensuring that the reactive components are homogeneously mixed, the reactive mixer allows other components such as colours or catalysts to be added directly into the mixing chamber.

IMPACT Brochure

Ultimix Mixing Head

Material Types

  • Polyurethane Foams
  • Polyurethane Elastomers

Markets & Applications

  • Low Density Insulation Foams
  • Flexible CMHR Foams
  • Integral Skin Foams
  • Semi–Rigid Foams
  • Low Temperature Elastomers